Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hommade Tacos

Jovita is a good cook. We both enjoy making different things on this 100 yr old stove. 1915 CRAFTSMAN BUNGALOW 1915 CRAFTSMAN BUNGALOW


  1. Oh yeah, your blog is back. I was worried you guys pulled it down for good.

  2. Oh wow! I, too, thought your blog was gone. I'm so happy to see you're posting again, you guys have such a great house.

  3. Thanks everyone. My domain expired. Worse yet, I could not remember where I purchased my custom domain. That was a chore. Since I did not receive an email to renew the domain, 1915craftsmanbungalow dot com is up for auction for $200.00. Then I had problems with Blogger. I was unable to view my blog to see if it was still there. I will be posting much more. I am probably not going to purchase a custom domain anytime soon. I will deal with the blogspot dot com thing. Thanks for your nice words and hanging in there.