Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hommade Tacos

Jovita is a good cook. We both enjoy making different things on this 100 yr old stove. 1915 CRAFTSMAN BUNGALOW 1915 CRAFTSMAN BUNGALOW

Master Bedroom

After loosing my domain, blogging has been a bit frustrating. This is the first time in about 7 months I have been able to access my blog... The master bedroom has been underway on being completed. I had to do a lot of re-wiring etc. I used 5/8 drywall over the lathe and plaster on the celing. I rented a drywall lift that came in real handy. Untitled Untitled I spent two full days re-wiring the bedroom abd the main line that runs underneath the house. Untitled Six straight hours it took me to re do the wiring in the crawl space. Untitled My wife Jovita has been a big help through our renovation. Untitled Here are the Master Bedroom windows before stripping. I had to remove the glass to do this job. I wound up breaking the glass and installed thicker glass on all four windows. 1915 CRAFTSMAN BUNGALOW New sash cords are installed. I also oiled the pulleys. 1915 CRAFTSMAN BUNGALOW Here are the finished stained windows. I will install the trim after the paining and texture is complete. 1915 CRAFTSMAN BUNGALOW My friend Chuck came over to help me mud and tape the drywall. 1915 CRAFTSMAN BUNGALOW A fisheye view of what it looks like today. 1915 CRAFTSMAN BUNGALOW