Thursday, September 17, 2015

Dining room & Living room

I have installed a six switch panel for various lights. I also have the attic fan switch with a green vintage Leviton light that is period correct (Top Left).  The switch plates are solid brass Hart & Hegeman that I bought on EBay. The top right switch box will be used as a spare box possibly for front yard light. 
I have been installing drywall in the living room and dining room. I still need to mud and tape. I made a built in box for the thermostat that will have trim and door on it. I will use pie safe tin in the door frame so the sensor can work properly.
The dining room has a stove pipe clean out access that will be plated. Prior to tearing out the lathe and plaster, it had been painted and mudded over some years back. 


  1. That six-switch panel is awesome. I hope to eventually go thru and replace all our modern light switches with the push button variety, but it just wasn't in the budget during our remodel.

    1. Thank you Sharon. They sure add to the detail and highly recommend the push buttons over the modern toggle switches. The six switch panel was a find. I believe there is one on eBay right now.